Loughborough councillor starts petition to keep Biggin Street toilets open

By Luke Williamson.

Loughborough Ashby Councillor Dr Julie Bradshaw has started a petition to stop a town centre public toilet from closing.

The facility in Biggin Street, which is currently closed due to a staff shortage, could remain closed after Charnwood Borough Council’s budget review later this month to save the council £20,000.

Coun Bradshaw said: “The closure would be a disaster for residents, the community and our town of Loughborough.

“People come from all over to visit Loughborough, especially when the market is on twice weekly and hopefully, they will do again soon.

“Even in these difficult times, not having a facility to use would be awful.”

Coun Bradshaw and her colleague Mary Draycott, representing Loughborough Hastings, are hoping to hand the petition in at the next full council meeting.

Biggin Street toilets, which are set to be closed down. Picture: Coun Dr Julie Bradshaw

She said that people of all ages can get caught needing the loo at any time when they are in the town.

She added: “It’s not just the older generation we are talking about.

“Many other groups of people such as the disabled, those with medical conditions or mums and dads with children would also be put in a huge predicament if there were no public toilets available.”

The petition states that the only other public toilet, the award-winning toilets in Market Place, would be too busy and not safe to use.

Residents have expressed their concerns too, telling their councillors that they no longer wish to visit the town centre on a market day anymore as the toilets in Market Place would be too busy, especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The petition has 390 signatures so far, with the goal of reaching 400.

You can sign the petition at the following link here https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/keep-biggin-street-public-toilets-in-loughborough-open

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