Urban university events planner Uncle Teo moves into real estate

By Joshua Solomon

Leicestershire events planner Uncle Teo has decided to move into real estate since Covid-19 put a halt to his successful party operations.

Uncle Teo (Theodore St-John) ,24, studied at De Montfort University before deciding to create an events company that has hosted some of the biggest raves in the Midlands’ university scene.

Last March, Teo had to cancel an event for the first time due to Covid-19 and instead of panicking about his business staying afloat he decided to invest in property development.

Uncle Teo (Theodore St-John) ,24

He said: “I didn’t have time to panic and I don’t like uncertainty. So, I had to restrategise and decided to get into property, which was always the plan, but the pandemic sped up the process.”

Teo partnered with RST group, a property developer based in Leicester that specialises in building luxury student studios, and now he is a group asset manager for them.   

Ten months later, he announced that his first refurbished property in Leicester will be available to rent out in March, with more than 50 luxury studios, a gym, cinema and communal area. He said students have already filled the waiting list in the hope of acquiring a room.

He has announced plans for another property, this time in Loughborough, where development will begin from next month.  

Uncle Teo created his Leicester-based company UncleTeo Promotions Ltd on August 22, 2018, and it has since been a powerhouse for university raves, parties and other events in the Midlands.

It boasts 95 successful events, with 42,705 tickets sold and a reach of 767,354 website clicks.

His new venture into real estate, however, does not mean he has closed shop on his events company. He said: “I cannot wait to throw parties again, I miss the nightlife and putting on a show for students.”

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