Students encouraged to take fast track Covid-19 swab before travelling home for Christmas

By Mary De- Wind

Last week the Prime Minister made an announcement giving students a window to travel back home for Christmas from university.

Students in England are urged to find departure dates during a “student travel window” between December 3 and 9, to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

Universities across England have started moving everything online from those dates forward. De Montfort University is moving online for the last two weeks of the term.

Kwame Oteng-Adusei said “The travel ban is pointless as students will go home whenever they are ready.

“I don’t think Boris Johnson knows that we even exist. Why am I paying the same price for university that now uses less funds to teach me?

Full steam ahead – East Midlands Railway’s intercity services between Leicester and London are returning to normal (Image: EMR)

“At the moment it looks like nothing done will affect Covid because it’s never done properly. The travel ban will probably have a small temporary effect.”

Durham and De Montfort universities have been operating pilot projects for rapid Covid testing, including identifying those who might be infectious, but have no symptoms.

The rapid Covid testing is a swab from the throat and nose which is added to a test cartridge. Within 20-30 minutes you will receive your results.

De Montfort University is urging students to get tested so they can protect their loved ones and go home on time for Christmas.