Newly released book set to donate royalties to charity

By Adam Dutton

A newly released book, the Narcissist Notebook, is set to donate all of its royalties to crisis and support charities.

The Narcissist Notebook is a compilation of short stories and poems, from a variety of people, telling a range of real and shocking stories all involving experiences with narcissistic individuals.

The idea for the book came from Lindzi Mayann, 33, an author, blogger and writer from Leicester, who also helped compile the stories and edit them.

A shared meme about a previous bad relationship and the response she got from individuals about their own experiences was the inspiration.

On where the inspiration came from, she said: “The idea came through social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram.

“In one group on Facebook, I just put a few posts explaining what I was doing and people engaged. Lots more people engaged (initially) than actually got involved in the long run.  

“Most were strangers, I knew some through friends of friends or through a pub or village connection. I think only one is a genuine friend if that makes sense.

“It was a really emotional experience connecting with all these other people.”

All royalties from book sales will be going to two charities, Mankind and a female crisis hostel.

Lindzi said: “It just seemed like the right thing to do. None of us are financially gaining, we are actively trying to give back.

“One of the females who contributed was in a women’s crisis hostel, the one we are donating to, when she wrote her pieces.

“As we were supporting a women’s only charity I wanted a men’s one too. Mankind was suggested when I asked around and I checked it out.”

Lindzi has written three other self-published books prior to this, “Educating Jodie”, “Maga High” and “Pub life”, all part of her Jodie trilogy.

“I’ve been writing stories and poems since I was around seven, I just always had a desire to create stories. They’re a combination of natural love for writing, experiences in the long run and a desire to get paid for what I enjoy.”

“Ultimately, I want to build a career in writing and that isn’t going to come easily.

Linzi’s other publications, the Jodie Trilogy: Pub Life, Maga High and Educating Jodie

Lindzi’s future projects include focussing more on her blog posts, releasing a collection of poems and creating a YouTube channel to publish an audio version of her first book, Maga High.

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