Leicestershire police announces new Rural Specials Team

By Beatriz Abreu Ferreira

Leicestershire Police has launched a team of specially trained constables who will be dedicated to the needs of rural communities throughout Leicestershire and Rutland.

The team will be led by Special Sergeant Leigh Moore, who also works to support the farmers of England and Wales with the National Farmers Union.

Police and Crime Commissioner Lord Willy Bach said: “The efforts that are being made to tackle crime in rural areas illustrate just how seriously the force and I take the issues faced by those living in rural communities.

“Rural crime often presents a different set of challenges, but it is still very much crime, and I know the force is determined to crack down on it.

“That’s why I particularly welcome the introduction of the dedicated ‘rural’ special constables.

“Special constables bring a unique and broad range of skills and experiences to our policing family and I’m quite sure that this team will make a significant difference to our rural communities,” he added.

To find out more about the Leicestershire’s Special Constabulary, please visit the force website leics.police.uk/couldyou or follow @LeicsSpecials on twitter.

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