‘Battle of the Teams’ raises money for a future without abuse

By Erik Dawson

Leicester-based charity Living Without Abuse (LWA) has been raising money through its four-day ‘Battle of the Teams’ fundraiser last week (NOV 17-20).

Living Without Abuse is a charity that works with domestic abuse and sexual violence victims and survivors in Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland.

It recently attempted to raise £1,750 to fund specialised counsellors to help children who have been through abuse to understand, process and recover from the trauma.

Head of Fundraising Verity Mitchell said: “Rather than just ask for donations we thought we’d create something that people could follow and get involved in during lockdown two.

“One in five children experience abuse and those that do are six times more likely to enter into abusive relationships in the future – a trend we want to break.”

The ‘Battle of the Teams’ was a social media competition, where six women’s sports teams competed in four challenges over four days.

The teams competing were Leicester City Women’s FC, Leicester Hockey Club, Golfing Gazelles, as well as Leicester Lightning’s rugby, cricket and netball teams

The first two challenges were won by Leicester Hockey Club.

The first event: ‘The Balancer’ was won by Steph from Leicester Hockey Club’s first team, building the highest playing card tower in 30 seconds, reaching three levels high.

Fourth team player Katie named four items from six random categories in 30 seconds to take the victory in ‘The Thinker’ on the second day.

The final two days were both won by Golfing Gazelles, with Jodie White putting on 45 layers of clothes in 30 seconds to win ‘The Speedy One’ challenge.

She was followed by her teammate catching 13 skittles in her mouth in 20 seconds to win ‘The Catcher.’

These victories weren’t enough to stop Leicester Hockey Club taking the win by one point.

Leicester Hockey Club took home the victory by one point.

Speaking on the reason for the fundraiser, Verity said: “We want to get the information about domestic abuse out to as many different people as possible.

“There could be someone suffering abuse that follows the sports women who then knows that help is available to them and how to reach out to us.

LWA offers a range of services such as group support, counselling and practical advice as well as working with perpetrators of abuse.

Living Without Abuse is still accepting donations through its link and runs a helpline that can be reached at 08 08 80 200 28 (Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm).