DMU holds Resilience Exhibition for Black History Month

by Khrista Davis

DMU celebrates Black History Month with its ‘Resilience exhibition’ located in the Vijay Patel building’s Gallery.

It is a collection of new art from artists based in the UK and Europe which launched from the 1 October.

The exhibition was named ‘Resilience’ as it was seen to be the perfect word to describe the Black experience.

It covers photography, film, illustration, manga, and comic/visual art, displaying work from artists such as: Ade Coker, Tolu Coker, Stephen Anthony Davids, Shagomola Edunjobi, Patricia Vester and Ana Paz.

Gallery Operations and Retail Officer, Hannah Longden said: “The exhibition has the ability to resonate with a diverse audience, whilst it impacts visitors on a very personal level; it’s truly emotional in the way it negotiates conversations surrounding fear, identity and a sense of belonging through different kinds of media.”

The exhibition is an immersive experience that requires almost the use of all five senses, you see, hear, feel, and touch every artwork and emotion behind it.

She added: “To me personally, BHM feels very reflective this year, but about events that aren’t so far back in history as we might usually associate with this special month.

“It feels like BHM is needed this year more than ever, whilst providing a platform to advocate for all those voices that we have had the privilege to hear via Black Lives Matter and other grass roots organisations, but also to continue to encourage more black voices to speak up and be heard.

“In some ways it feels bitter sweet because whilst this year has brought more attention to the way black people across the world are systematically denied certain human rights by virtue of being black, it has also uncovered some of the most extreme and discomforting views I have ever come across, and in some cases a lot closer to home than I could have ever realised; this has been upsetting, but has also encouraged me to speak up more.

“The recent/current political climate seems to have created a sense of perceived permission for those who remain ignorant of their own privilege and for those I would consider the perpetrators of racism.”

The exhibition is open until the 31 October, BLM and BHM are such sensitive subjects and the Gallery in the Vijay Patel building is a safe space for students to come and hang out on the bean bags and have a bit of respite or inspiration if they need it as well.

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