Leicester nightclub and venue receives funding after being closed for months during COVID-19 lockdown

A local Leicestershire music venue was granted money from the Government as part of the Cultural Recovery Fund last week, meaning it can hopefully open its doors again in 2021.

Demonstrations against new Polish abortion laws reach Leicester

Hundreds of people in solidarity with Polish women have confirmed their presence at the Piekło Kobiet (Women’s hell) peaceful demonstrations, which will be happening on Sunday at midday at the clock tower.

Leicester locals worried about extreme measures after seven-day Coronavirus infection rate spikes

Leicester’s seven-day Coronavirus infection rate is now at the highest point it has ever been, causing a great deal of stress and worry to those confined within the city.

Leicester MP says local lockdowns ‘are not working’

A Leicester MP has said that the government needs to consider that its local lockdown approach to tackling coronavirus is not working.

A closer look at Leicester Riders’ Morningside Arena’s COVID secure efforts

After a previous article regarding Leicester Riders’ start to the season without fans and the efforts of those involved with the Morningside Arena, Leicestershire Press were invited down to see these first hand this past week.