Web developer struggles in COVID-19 pandemic

By Kira Gibson

A web developer has learnt the struggles of being on mandatory lockdown from the government.

Scott Mokler (32) worked as a web developer for Profile Digital Agency in Huntingdon until they announced a temporary closure via their social media channels on March 23rd and let him go the same day via email due to a lack of income from clients.

The company ran off a number of clients bringing in an income and paying their retainers. However, due to the Coronavirus, clients have pulled out and aren’t paying the deposits so unfortunately the company had to make hard cuts as they couldn’t afford to pay a lot of the staff.

Scott is also a parent to five children and is having to deal with the ramifications of having the majority of his children under one roof all of the time.


Scott Mokler (Photo credit Kirstie Mokler)

He said: “The kids are struggling without the routine of not going to school.”

He added that because of the financial problems coming with being laid off, and companies closing due to this country lockdown, he is “trying to keep busy at home but limited to what we can do really.”

Unfortunately, the restriction on what you can do and where you can go has also had a negative impact on Scott’s mental health which has significantly changed his life.

There are pathways to get help for the mental health side of things but they are hard to access at this particular moment.

Despite all of the troubles that Scott faces being at home and dealing with this crisis, he still manages to smile and make his kids feel less stressed and upset whilst everything is going on.

For any help with your mental health in Cambridgeshire the crisis line is 111 and option 2. In Leicestershire, the crisis line number is 0116 305 0004. This line is open office hours and for an out of hours crisis please call 0116 255 1606. The Samaritans are open 24/7 in all areas on 116 123.


March, Cambridgeshire loves the NHS

By Kira Gibson

Local residents in March, Cambridgeshire have shown their appreciation for the NHS key workers by posting signs around the town and rainbows in their house windows.

Every Thursday night at 8pm, much like other towns and cities appreciating the NHS, the town of March claps and honks their car horns to say thank you for helping us in this crisis.

Although all people may love the NHS, some may not be so keen on the lockdown that the government have given us. With residents going out for walks to the park with their kids, or taking their multiple dogs out for a walk and staying out for hours, therefore endangering their own lives and those around them.

In any matter, the majority of the town respects the government and wishes to stay safe, so is following the advice of the government to save the NHS by staying at home.


A sign thanking the NHS key workers on The Avenue in March, Cambridgeshire