"Very depressing" to look at "same 4 walls": The life of a student in self-isolation

By Ben Sanderson

Photo courtesy of Daniel Carnegie-Wilson: Self-isolation is making bored Daniel a bit sad

Daniel Carnegie-Wilson is not a happy man.

The Arden University student, 22, has been stuck in his room for a few days.

Mr Carnegie-Wilson, from Leicestershire, but now living in Northampton, has a dry cough, which he says is “annoying”, and describes self-isolation as “very depressing, [I] feel like I’m cracking up only being able to look at the same four walls”.

He describes his cough as “not really” painful, and the student is taking precautions to make sure he does not affect anyone else.

He is thereby following government advice.

Mr Carnegie-Wilson is making the most of self-isolation by studying for his accounting and finance degree and gaming on his Xbox One, which he only got last week.

He is missing the outside world though, saying “[I] miss the gym” and also extended family who now cannot visit.

The NHS guidelines instruct all people with coronavirus symptoms to stay at home, along with all members of their household, to prevent the contagious spread of the disease.

Mr Carnegie-Wilson is one of many who have to bear with the boredom as the coronavirus spreads.

The coronavirus, which has claimed 336, 956 cases and 16,100 deaths worldwide (but seen over 100,000 recoveries including many in the UK) at the time of writing, has swept the UK over last week, with mass gatherings, schools and pubs all closed within a matter of days.

The NHS has been under great strain and many workers have taken to social media to plea to people like Mr Carnegie-Wilson to stay at home.

His photo makes clear he is making a great sacrifice.


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