Nuneaton nurse’s KFC cook son donates leftover chicken to hungry health workers

By Alexander Hodgkins-Jones

Key workers at The George Eliot Hospital (GEH) in Nuneaton were served a finger-licking good lunch today (TuesMAR24) after a nurse’s son donated KFC to hard-working health staff.

Kurtis Smith, an employee at Nuneaton’s KFC branch, decided to cook up and donate chicken which would have otherwise been chucked out due to the restaurants’ nationwide closure yesterday (MAR23).

Proud mum, Debbie Smith, a nurse at the GEH, said: “It’s the best idea he’s ever had in his life!

“He knows how difficult it has been for me and the other staff at the hospital. He thought rather than put all of that chicken in the bin he would donate it to the doctors and nurses – and secretaries.”

Kurtis has been a busy lad, also handing out the cooked chicken to charities in the Nuneaton area.

The random act of kindness was welcomed by staff currently rushed off of their feet in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Jackie tucking into a donated fried thigh

“It’s a lovely thing to do. I’m glad that food didn’t go to waste and I have to admit I do love KFC,” said medical manager Jackie Marshall.

KFC joined other big-name fast-food restaurants by closing all of its branches across the UK yesterday (MAR23) in response to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

The sudden closures mean millions of meals will go to waste.

With the latest government measures, it could be weeks, or months, before fast-food lovers get a chance to devour a KFC bucket or pinch some popcorn chicken again.

Kurtis wasn’t the only one donating food for hungry GEH workers, cold meats and veg from Brakes’ Wholesalers, in Tamworth, were also on the menu.

“Kurtis wanted to help in whatever way he could,” said Debbie.

“I’m really pleased that he did.”