The Cookie set to close amid Coronavirus outbreak

The Cookie in Leicester is the latest venue to close it’s doors amid the Coronavirus outbreak as the music industry becomes one of the big losers in the global pandemic.

DMU closes amid COVID-19 fears

On Monday (MAR16) DMU took the long-awaited decision to close campus amid fears of coronavirus.

Leicester City Council holds meeting to discuss Gender Pay Gap

Leicester City Council will be holding a meeting today (MAR19) to discuss the Gender pay gap and approve the Annual Pay Policy Statement for 2020/21.

City Mayor addresses coronavirus threat

Leicester City Mayor Sir Soulsby addressed the threat of coronavirus at the city’s monthly council meeting on Thursday (March 19).

Leicester City Council meeting addresses COVID-19

In yesterday’s (MAR 19) City Council meeting Leicester Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby, re-assured people that the city council will support and stand behind the city during the COVID-19 crisis.