Leicestershire milkman provides extra services amid COVID-19 pandemic

by Molly Kerridge

A milkman who serves villages in North Leicestershire has started to bring extra items to help out his customers who have started to self-isolate due to the spread of COVID-19.

Tony Fowler, who has been working as a milkman for over 35 years, has started to take items such as bread, washing up liquid and tea to his customers.

As well as this, in recent weeks he has started to change light bulbs, pick up prescriptions and share books for his elderly customers, who have been advised by the government to stay indoors.

He told the BBC: “We have had fuel shortages, foot-and-mouth shortages and milk shortages, but I have never let them down before.

“They trust me to always be there, even in bad weather.”

Tony has kept his van stocked with toilet roll, cleaning supplies and dry foods to deliver to his customers, since getting more calls to deliver extra items after the coronavirus outbreak began.

Tony continued: “Milkmen and women are always seen as the eyes and ears of the community.

“We are trusted and have always done what we can to help customers. I’ve unblocked sinks and fixed fence panels before.

“But in the last few weeks it’s about making sure people are OK, keeping in touch and trying to have a calming effect, and not getting hysterical about it.”

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