Leicester Mayor addresses plans to combat Coronavirus threat

By Harry Shellard

Leicester city mayor Peter Soulsby discussed how the council will aim to combat coronavirus in the city’s monthly council meeting today (March19).

The meeting began with Cllr Soulsby addressing the city’s largest issue at present, which is the threat of coronavirus, and unveiled the details of the council’s plan to guide the city through this worrying time.

“I cannot pretend we have all the answers, but I can assure you we are asking the right questions.” He said.

“There are going to be some very difficult times ahead.

“We might stop seeing each other but we mustn’t stop talking to one another.”

The half-hour-long meeting consisted of the city mayor explaining what he would be doing to aid the city in these troubling times.

He explained that the hardship fund would be utilised to help those in most need, as well as increasing its £27m fund as and when necessary.

The council are also in contact with waste disposal facilities in order to ensure the city keeps on running.

Cllr Soulsby concluded the meeting by stating that “in these very difficult circumstances, Leicester will be at its best.”

The meeting then progressed on to discuss other matters such as the gender pay report gap for 2019, petitions from the public and also the members’ allowance scheme, but most of these issues were to be reconvened for discussion at a future meeting.

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