Leicester City Council meeting to cover gender pay policy with new statistics set to be released

By Samuel Gill

The latest Leicester City Council Meeting will take place on Thursday (19 March) at 5pm at City Hall with pay policy the main item on the agenda this time around.

As well as focusing on pay policy, there will also be a dedication to Contract Procedure Rules as well as the usual petitions and any other business.

In terms of the main issue though, it regards the Annual Pay Statement and Gender Pay Gap which will likely shed some light on an interesting debate.

In line with The Equality Act 2010, Leicester City Council and other similar companies who are in the public sector need to publish specific details of this kind of pay.

This in turn includes all the employees except those based in schools and will look at the gap of pay if there is one. These figures are portrayed in multiple different ways being median hourly pay and mean hourly pay.

It was found previously in 2018/19, that for Leicester City Council this pay gap was basically non-existent. The figures themselves showed that the mean pay gap was only at 0.1 percent and it is the same median pay.

Also, according to the figures, Women at Leicester City Council occupy 61.2 percent of the highest paid jobs and 57.9 percent of the lowest paid jobs with them topping men in every single quartile which was investigated by the council.

With the figures being for 2018/19, the new figures will be a good example to shed light on whether this has stayed the same or if it has shifted in any way and what can be done if it has changed to reduce any disparity. Also, approval will take place of the Council’s Pay Policy Statement for 2020/21.

City Mayor Peter Soulsby said about the figures for 2018/19 previously: “It is encouraging that this latest statement continues to reflect our commitment to fair pay and we’re proud to be one of just a few employers to have achieved complete parity in the average pay of our male and female staff.

The meeting which includes all council members is held in the Council Chamber on the First Floor of Leicester Town Hall and for those unable to attend, it will be streamed on a webcast.

The Council’s meeting agenda can be viewed here as well as the webcast which will begin at 5pm. For more information on the meeting, contact Matthew Reeves on 0116 4546362 or email matthew.reeves@leicester.gov.uk.

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