OPINION: Mass hysteria over coronavirus does more harm than good

OPINION COLUMN: What a year – 2020 began as a year of certainty in the UK over the fate of Brexit and curious uncertainty over the destiny of the country, but by mid-March the coronavirus situation worldwide has taken over the news and it is one none could have predicted.

Coronavirus in sport: Nationwide postponement of football matches affects Leicestershire clubs

Leicester City’s games against Watford, Chelsea and Brighton have been postponed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

De Montfort University moves classes online due to coronavirus

De Montfort University has suspended all classes until further notice, with classes moving to an online format.

Unrecognisable transformation taking place at Regents Court

An incredible transformation is taking place at the Regents Court student accommodation flats in Leicester which has pleasantly shocked almost everyone.

Coronavirus: DMU and UOL cancel Varsity

Varsity 2020 has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, De Montfort University and University of Leicester have announced.