Travel Society flying after Malaga success

By Luke Williamson

De Montfort University Travel Society are excited for the future after a successful visit to Malaga.

Seven students from DMU flew to the south of Spain to experience what the Mediterranean city had to offer.

And Society Chairman Levi Bond is excited to see where his society goes next, figuratively and literally.

Levi said: “This was the second time we have been abroad with the society, but the first time this year and the response was incredible.

“We had 50 people get in touch about it and had 20 people attend a meeting at the Kimberlin Library where we gave out all of the information,” Levi said.

Levi, a second year Advertising and Marketing student, planned an itinerary for the eventual seven people who went on the visit, packed full of free events.

He said: “The main thing that keeps students interested is free events so I made sure I planned plenty of them.

“I planned for us to go to Alcazaba, which is the ancient palace in the city, the Roman theatre, obviously the Costa del Sol which is the beach.

The Costa del Sol, Malaga. Courtesy of Levi Bond.

“There was also a carnival every night so we wanted to make sure we could go to that.

“I gave the people the option of coming if they wanted to, but I made sure I went to everything I had planned,” Levi said.

Levi gets nothing out of these trips, running the society as a not-for-profit organisation and keeping his visits affordable for DMU students.

With the recent issues surrounding DMU global, Levi has seen interest in his society rise.

“I keep my trips as cheap as possible, around £100 to £300, and I make zero profit, sometimes having to contribute some of my own money if the prices change,” Levi added.

The rise in popularity of the DMU Travel Society has been enough for Levi to rethink his plans for next year.

“I was going to do a placement next year but with my new job and the society’s success, I might stay here.

“It’s fantastic!” Levi said.

Boxing Society tour cancelled due to Coronavirus

By Luke Williamson

De Montfort University Boxing Society have cancelled their tour of Italy due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Students were left devastated after had no choice but to cancel the tour after Italy entered lockdown.

There have been over 100,000 cases reported Worldwide, with over 4,000 of these being in Italy, with the death toll rising daily.

Students will receive a full refund within the next two weeks, as no replacement tour could be decided on.

Italian sporting events have all been postponed until April, looking to contain the virus.

In Leicester, there have been no confirmed cases of the virus according to Public Health England, but there has been one confirmed case in Leicestershire.