Video: Tasty Pancake Day treats cooked up at DMU

By Catalina-Adelina Constantin and Lauren Sadler

It’s pancake day and De Montfort University’s Food Village is offering pancakes with a variety of toppings for only £2.99.


Today they have more toppings than usual, which include lemon and sugar, apple and cinnamon, berries and cream, bacon and maple syrup, and crushed Oreos and ice cream.

DMU Food Village chef Sunny Patel was creating some delicious special pancakes for the day with apple, cinnamon, maple syrup, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, some granola cereals and an Oreo biscuit on top.

Sunny, 25, said that for Pancake Day the catering team had to buy in the pancakes because they are “going through so many” so they weren’t able to make them from scratch as they usually do.

He said: “It’s just easier to sort of buy them in at the moment, but when we are quieter, we do make them fresh.

“I think at the moment because it’s Reading Week, we haven’t got a lot of students on site, so that has sort of messed the business up and then I think some of the lecturers are on strike and our business has gone down at the moment, so it fluctuates.”


Deborah Fisher, 52, one of the food staff at the village, added that the “most popular one has been the Oreos.”

Sunny continued: “The weirdest one we’ve had is pancakes, fried egg, baked beans, hash browns and maple syrup all over it.”

And what did the customers think?

First year film and media student Cezar Constantin Percembli, 20, said: “I’ve been curious to try berries and cream pancakes and so far they taste crispy and quite creamy.”

Hannah Breslin, 20, a second year contour fashion student, said: “Lemon and sugar.”

Rebecca Ffion, 19, another second year contour fashion student, added: “I think they’re like American pancakes, ‘cause they’re thick and we just got them with Oreos, ice cream, and syrup and they’re very good. I usually have banana on mine.”

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