Manifestos released for upcoming De Montfort Students’ Unions Election

By Oliver Taylor


Candidates’ manifestos for the upcoming De Montfort Students’ Unions Election were launched today, including calls for new improvements such as mandatory mental health training for lecturers, a zero tolerance racism policy and more interactive teaching techniques.

The voting will run from Tuesday, March 3, to Monday, March 9. The results will be released on Wednesday, March 11.

There are five full-time roles and eight part-time roles to be elected.

The full list of new full-time executive Officer Team positions and candidates are;

Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive: Aisha Ismail

Welfare executive: Meera Dasani, Becky Hilditch, Siddhaarth Sivasamy, Zakariy Rahman, Joseph Knowles, Benjamin Smith

Union Development: Tom Guyton-Day, Hamze Barreh, Muhammed Jahangir Saiyed, Joanna Dine-Hart, Roisin Forde, Martyna Smierzchala

Academic Executive: Laura Flowers, Hannah Willoughby

Equality and Diversity Executive: Diya Rattanpal, Chandra Khatri, Aggie Strzemilowska, Joanne Mulinda, Zee Al-Ahmar, Vinod Kumar Chakravarthula, Clifford Fernandes

The full list of the part-time representative positions and candidates are;

Disabled Students’ Representative: Sue Litchfield, Parimala Ramu

LGBTQ+ Students’ Representative: Tomas Leggate

International Students’ Representative: Saad Ali, Shubam Garg, Ebitimi Imomotebegha, Madeleine Shimata

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students’ Representative: Eduina Manso Henriques

Women’s Representative Candidates: Angela Moreno Lopez, Charlotte Pryor, Abeera Qayam, Kyra Rowe, Loren Short, Swetha Sogana, Yusra Waheed, Meriem Abir Zeghina

Mature Students’ Representative Candidates: Mia Abapo, V. C Rob Guys

Postgraduate Representative Candidates: Simranjeet Kaur, Ajinkya Yadav

NUS Delegate Candidates: Diya Rattanpal, Hannah Willoughby, Siddhaarth Sivasamy, Madeleine Shimata, Parimala Ramu, Joseph Knowles, Chandra Khatri, Aisha Ismail, Tom Guyton-Day, Laura Flowers, Meera Disani, Zee Al-Ahmar, Majid Shah

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