Leicester Comedy Festival review: Silver Stand Up Final with Mrs Barbara Nice at Peter Pizzeria

This show was pigging brilliant, as Barbara Nice would say.

And the bubbly, flamboyant Mrs Nice was the perfect host for the Leicester Comedy Festival’s, Silver Stand Up final.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Jo Enright – Erdington Girl at Holy Trinity Church

In another top-draw performance, Jo Enright gave one of the most entertaining church sermons the Leicester public will have seen in years.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Chris Betts at Manhattan 34

You know those odd thoughts you have in the shower that often trickle down the drain faster than the water?

Canadian stand-up Chris Betts catches those ideas and expands on them in a way that is so bizarre but intriguing that it’s hard to decipher if he’s unhinged or a genius. His comedic ramblings are like the conversation you have with your best friend at 4am, examining the weird and wonderful rollercoaster that is modern life.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation at the Y Theatre

A locksmith, murdered by a teddy bear… can it get more random than that?

When the audience set the occupation and method of death in this murder-mystery improv play, I was sure the show was going to flop. ‘There’s no way they can make this work,’ I thought to myself, but lo and behold – they did.