Video: Students unhappy about planned strike action take a stand

By George Boyd

Staff from 74 academic institutions across England and Wales are set to go on 14 days of strikes over equal pay and working conditions.

De Montfort University, Leicester 

The strikes, organised by The University and College Union (UCC) begin on Thursday (FEB20) and will continue over a set schedule that has been released to the public, with the last date being March 17.

There has been an uproar from students whose studies are being impacted, with some petitioning to claim back the tuition costs for the period affected.

DMU student Olivia Wallace, 19, stated: “I don’t think the strikes are impacting my course, but I have friends who are being affected and I think that people like him should get their money back.

“This is exam period, and the strikes are just adding extra stress to already stressed out students.”

Numerous emails have been sent out to students within the institutions affected, one email from De Montfort University stating: “We would like to reassure you we are working hard to avoid or minimise disruptions to your studies as much as possible.”

But some say it’s still not enough.

Olivia added: “I know that uni tutors are already on a fair amount of money and in terms of equal pay, everyone should get the same.”

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