Leicester Comedy Festival review: Comedy in the Dark for Kids at the Phoenix

Parents with pints, children with sweets and fizzy pop and amongst them all, a 21-year-old wondering what the hell she is in for.

I’m here at the Phoenix on my own, for a show in the dark, put on for kids. It isn’t quite my usual Saturday evening, but I will say that I am glad I’m not a middle-aged man, as that would have raised some concerning looks at the very least.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: An interview with Milton Jones at the Haymarket Theatre

The wild-haired loud-shirt-sporting surrealist explains how he became the comedian he is, his influences, how and why it takes so long to create his live shows and how it took nearly 20 years to get his big break.

Leicester Comedy Festival review: Rob Kemp at Grays@LCB Depot

Review by Ella Lloyd Loud chatter filled the room, then came the shushes: Rob Kemp was about to begin his performance. However, in the kerfuffle of everybody getting comfy in their seats, this show didn’t get off to a great start. Out came this six-foot something bloke dressed head to toe in sequins, with the […]