Vegan activists seen and not herd during silent protest for cow cruelty



by Khrista Davis

Animal rights organisation Anonymous for the Voiceless organised one of its well-known peaceful street activism demonstrations outside Highcross shopping centre in Leicester on Saturday(FEB1).

‘A cube of truth’ was the demonstration performed on Saturday. The Anonymous for the Voiceless has organised over 850 AV chapters worldwide where they would hold all regular Cube of Truth demonstrations.

Many shoppers and bystanders gathered to watch the protest in Leicester in silence. Some of the team wore anonymous masks and held devices that showcased images and scenes of dairy farming cruelty.

Others drew powerful words on the ground in chalk. Volunteers only spoke when spoken to.

One of the volunteers, Chris Coningsby, said: “The goal is to engage people in conversation and to get them to think about the realities of dairy farming or other animal farming and lead them towards a vegan conclusion through a values-based approach.

“We do this once a month in Leicester, but I personally travel to other places like Nottingham and Birmingham to do them as well. I feel it is quite important and very effective in terms of helping people.”

According to PETA UK, ‘A British cow today typically produces 4.5 times more milk than she would need to feed her calf. As a result, these cows frequently suffer from painful udder inflammation or mastitis, which leads to higher levels of pus and bacteria in their milk’.

Anonymous for the Voiceless will continue to raise the awareness of animal cruelty and lead people to living an animal cruelty free life through veganism.

For more information or if in support of the cause, contact this email address:

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