Mixed views greet Lineker’s TV licence fee comments

By Ben Sanderson

Leicester City legend Gary Lineker has called for the TV licence to become a voluntary payment, sparking more debate.

Lineker, the BBC’s highest-paid employee on a salary f £1.6 million, was reacting to calls from several commentators for the licence fee to be scrapped.

Students and staff at De Montfort University have weighed in on how they feel about the TV licence in the modern age.

Listen to their views here.

Audio Vox Pop: Huawei – was it the right decision to grant them access?

By Abigail Beresford

With the recent news of Prime Minister Boris Johnson granting the Chinese phone company ‘Huawei‘ access into the UK’s 5G network, a lot of controversy has surrounded it.

This is due to the Chinese company’s reputation for being known to use spying material, allowing people’s cyber-security to be at risk. This has led people to have a lack of trust in the company.

People from Leicestershire voiced their opinions on the story, commenting on whether the Government should have granted the company access, despite the bad reputation of it, and how they personally feel about this decision.

Listen to their views here:

Leicester students sound off on the cost and worth of BBC licence fees

By Tom Carter

In the modern age of streaming services, the future of traditional media outlets such as the BBC are being brought into question over the cost and necessity of licence fees.

A TV licence costs £154.50 per annum, and students of De Montfort University have been giving their views on whether they would (or should) pay for it.

Listen to their thoughts:

Students in Leicester are worried about how phone company Huawei may misuse their data

The UK government has announced its plans to utilise Chinese tech company Huawei’s products in the new 5G data network despite concerns of spying and data misuse.

Students on De Montfort University campus voiced their concerns about the Governments controversial plans not to impose stricter regulations on the Chinese firm in return for allowing them access to the UK’s 5G network.

Listen to their views recorded here by reporter George Peter.