Papa Frites: Is Leicester’s new chippy a carp above the rest?

By Adam Rear

Everyone loves a good chippy, and Leicester has plenty of them.

Papa Frites is a new chip shop on Granby Street where staff are hoping to cause a buzz with their variety of sauces.

Typically, people have mushy peas, curry sauce or gravy with their chips, but Papa Frites is different.

Customers can choose between normal sauces such as ketchup, barbeque and vinegar.

Or they can try the more unusual flavours such as chocolate sauce, spicy dynamite sauce or mint yoghurt mayonnaise.

The first sauce is free with each purchase and, starting at £2.75 for a small (£3.50 for a medium or £4.50 for a large), the portion sizes make Papa Frites’ chips good value for money.

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