Leicester model turns a tragic injury into a fashion statement

By Molly Kerridge

A woman from Leicester has redesigned her prosthetic leg with an old Louis Vuitton bag, almost seven years after she was hit by a taxi in New York.

Sian Green-Lord visited the Big Apple in 2013, and was struck by a yellow cab while walking, which severed her left foot and shattered her right leg.

A doctor who was a witness to the scene offered to pay for Green-Lord’s prosthetic leg after her left leg was amputated below the knee.

Almost seven years later, Sian decided to give the prosthetic limb a designer makeover using a second-hand bag she found on eBay.

She told the BBC: “It actually came to me in a dream that I had this super leg,

“I remember telling my husband in the morning. He was like ‘Why is that crazy? Why don’t you just do it?’”

Sian also revealed that the idea behind the design wasn’t to be flashy, but to remind her of the fashion lover and aspiring model she was before the accident.

She continued: “This leg is a product of somebody who I was before I lost my leg and it’s almost a collaboration to myself, to the person I was then and to the person I am now.

“I just feel really whole and really fulfilled because I got a feeling back I never thought I’d feel again.”


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