The NHS: another winter, another crisis

A Registered Nurse at Leicester Royal Infirmary fears that a lack of available beds and higher patient numbers is leading the NHS into a ‘Winter Crisis’.

HQ Recording band on the road to success after performances with BBC Introducing Midlands

A Leicester band have their sights set on success following recent performances for BBC Introducing Midlands.

Crafter impresses with her homemade items for sale

A part-time worker in De Montfort University Students’ Union has surprised all with her handmade shelves and illustrations at today’s (TuesDEC10) Christmas Fair.

Celebrating 150 years through art

Members of the Leicester Sketch Club are preparing for their first Exhibition of the new year which celebrates 150 years of De Montfort University life.

Travelling troubles: Rising train fares lead to student struggles

Students have reacted against train fares which are set to rise by 2.7 per cent in the new year.