Video: Treetop Adventure Golf brings festive food and drinks

By James Cannell


Leicester’s own Treetop Adventure Golf has released its new Christmas menu, filled with new drinks and festive food for all the family.

As well as the new menu, Treetop will be hosting events as well as larger party packages for up to 50 guests.

Dre Osborne, a member of the Treetop team, described the upcoming events: “We will have a few arts and crafts going, face painting and drawing but the real changes are in the menu.”

The golfing venue opened its doors back in early June and since has enjoyed huge success. It was nominated for Best Activity in the Leicester Tourism Awards last Thursday(NOV28) and won second place.

The menu includes three brand new cocktails, two of which are mocktails that are for both children and adults, as well as two brand new pizzas.

‘Espress Snowtini’ is the brand-new alcoholic drink, based on the popular Expresso Martini. Dre explained: “It’s like your normal Expresso Martini; coffee liquor, bit of vodka, bit of Kahlùa.

“The only difference with our one is the garnish. We get a bit of sugar powder to make it look like snow.”

The other two mocktails are the ‘Minced Pie-napple’ and the ‘Naughty or Spice Mocktini’, both of which come with fresh garnish and prepped juice.

Dre talked about the Naughty or Spice mocktail, saying: “It is made based on an apple pie, kind of sweet, if you have a sweet tooth this is your kind of drink.”

And describing the Minced Pie-napple, he added: “This one is based on a mince pie; I don’t know how they made it taste like a mince pie. It is really fruity.”

Standing tall: shining in all their glory

As well as the drinks they also have brand new pizzas, specially designed around a Christmas dinner. The ‘Pigs ‘N’ Blankets’ and the vegetarian version ‘Berry Veggie Christmas’.

Dre drooled over the Pigs ‘N’ Blankets pizza, saying: “It is based on the whole concept of a pigs in blankets, we got bacon, sausage, stuffing and rosemary. The stuffing is kind of unusual, you wouldn’t think of it.”

As for the veggie version, Dre said: “It is very similar to the previous one, the only difference is there is no meat, but it is still good.”

The Treetop Golf team are hoping they can keep up the festive excitement through till the new year. For more information call 0116 402 8333, or simply turn up and tee off.

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