Give It A Go initiative launched to engage more DMU Students

By Luke Williamson

De Montfort University’s Students’ Union launched its new initiative, Give It A Go, today (TuesNOV26) to give students more opportunities to get involved with a variety of activities.


The programme aims to provide a platform for all students at DMU to experience new things, with the launch taking place in the SU building throughout the day.

Sophie Connors, who helped co-ordinate the event, said: “We want to promote new initiatives to help get students more familiar with things at their university.

“Give It A Go was launched to engage students in activities without tying them down to societies or sports clubs for examples.

“It gives them a go to become who they are.”

The programme has been very busy already, organising visits around the city for events such as Diwali and Bonfire Night and the organising team are looking to take people around showing students what history their city has.

Sophie added: “We want to introduce students to societies before they decide to join them or not.

“We also have a branch called Enhancement where we offer opportunities for students to attend CV workshops, for example.”

Another aspect of the Enhancement branch is familiarising students with the advice services at the SU, and to make students more comfortable with using the services for a wide range of topics.

Democracy is another branch of the Give It A Go initiative, which will look at a selection of democratic events, including Student Council and student representative elections to the General Election.

The programme also offers opportunities for volunteering which can be tried out before by students to see if they like what they are doing.

Sophie said: “We try and vary what students can do because some have just two hours of lessons a week but others will not have that much time.

“We want to show students what this represents and we hope we can feed them into the projects we have on offer.”

More information can be found at or in leaflets and posters around the Students’ Union building.

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