VIDEO: De Montfort University urges students to register to vote

By Emily Barker

Academic officers from De Montfort Students’ Union in Leicester are urging students to register to vote for the upcoming general election this December.

21-year-old Kate Askew, the Union’s Development Executive explains below why it is important for students to register to vote.

She also said: “We had a really big push on getting students to register to vote this year.

“We held a lot of events, and we printed around 1000 register to vote stickers to give out to people.

“We also put up loads and loads of QR codes around campus so when people scan them it’ll take them straight to the page where they can then register to vote.

“Last Thursday (NOV21), we held an event complete with laptops allowing students to register to vote then and there, and free hot drinks.

“We heavily pushed registering to vote on our social media accounts, explaining the different deadlines, like the postal vote deadline and the proxy vote deadline, as they’re all slightly different.

“The societies here at De Montfort University videoed themselves saying register to vote, DMU Acapella sang it.”

The deadline to register to vote in person in the upcoming election is 11.59pm today (NOV26), the proxy vote deadline is Wednesday, December 4, and you can do so here, but the postal vote deadline has passed.

If you have not registered to vote, you can do so via the link below. Or you can use the link to check the electoral register and see if you are successfully registered to vote

Give It A Go initiative launched to engage more DMU Students

By Luke Williamson

De Montfort University’s Students’ Union launched its new initiative, Give It A Go, today (TuesNOV26) to give students more opportunities to get involved with a variety of activities.


The programme aims to provide a platform for all students at DMU to experience new things, with the launch taking place in the SU building throughout the day.

Sophie Connors, who helped co-ordinate the event, said: “We want to promote new initiatives to help get students more familiar with things at their university.

“Give It A Go was launched to engage students in activities without tying them down to societies or sports clubs for examples.

“It gives them a go to become who they are.”

The programme has been very busy already, organising visits around the city for events such as Diwali and Bonfire Night and the organising team are looking to take people around showing students what history their city has.

Sophie added: “We want to introduce students to societies before they decide to join them or not.

“We also have a branch called Enhancement where we offer opportunities for students to attend CV workshops, for example.”

Another aspect of the Enhancement branch is familiarising students with the advice services at the SU, and to make students more comfortable with using the services for a wide range of topics.

Democracy is another branch of the Give It A Go initiative, which will look at a selection of democratic events, including Student Council and student representative elections to the General Election.

The programme also offers opportunities for volunteering which can be tried out before by students to see if they like what they are doing.

Sophie said: “We try and vary what students can do because some have just two hours of lessons a week but others will not have that much time.

“We want to show students what this represents and we hope we can feed them into the projects we have on offer.”

More information can be found at or in leaflets and posters around the Students’ Union building.

Rugby players get funds growing for Movember

by Abigail Beresford

The DMU Rugby team have been fundraising for Movember throughout November.

Movember is an event in which aims to raise awareness of men’s mental health issues – such as anxiety and suicide – as well as prostate and testicular cancer. Men are often encouraged to grow a moustache in order to raise awareness of the event.

Members of the team have been fundraising on campus, by holding charity buckets, and encouraging students to donate any loose change they may have to spare.

“We have just gone past the £2,000 mark, which is amazing” said Rhys Coker, a first year Business Management and Law student.

DMURFC fundraised for the charity last year, raising an outstanding £2,409.

“The aim for this year is to raise £3,000,” Rhys added.

“We have also been encouraged to set up our own donating pages, so that our families, friends, and flatmates can donate to the cause. I promoted the page in my group chat with flatmates and friends, where they’ve said they’ll donate.”

The rugby team also worked alongside the football team to promote a charity darts match. Tickets were sold for £5 and the event was held at the Students’ Union on Saturday (NOV23) evening. The team promoted this event before the start of November, as it was expected to be a popular event.

The team are aiming to raise £3,000, in order to beat their previous total from last year.

Anyone who is willing to donate can visit:

Students disturbed by roadworks unhappy about noise

By George Peter Boyd

Screenshot 2019-11-26 at 3.32.00 pm.png

Image source: Google Maps

Students studying for end of term exams are frustrated at disruption caused by roadworks outside their flats in Leicester city centre.

Roadworks between Newarke Street and Oxford Street are being carried out to improve an existing crossing opposite the De Montfort University campus.

Residents of a student accommodation block next to the works received a letter from the council three days before the works were due to commence on Monday, November 4.

In the letter, the council stated: “The works entail the widening of the crossing between Newarke Street and The Newarke/DMU. They are programmed to commence on Monday 4thNovember 2019 and take approximately 4 weeks to complete.”

Law student Alice, whose bedroom window in the neighbouring Glassworks accommodation block overlooks the roadworks, said: “The work impacts my ability to study and relax in peace; I have enough stress from uni but now there’s this. I have exams coming up, how am I supposed to study for them?”

According to the council’s letter, work such as the use of masonry saws and excavation are permitted up until 11pm under the advice of the council’s noise control team.

Whilst the roadworks are being carried out by contractors Dyer and Butler, a section of Newarke Street has been reduced from three lanes down to two which has been causing traffic issues in the area.

While there are measures in place to ensure pedestrian access is maintained at all times, the high volume of students that use the crossing to get to the campus may cause issues at peak times.

Alice added: “I feel like 11pm is too late for the work to go up to. When you have a 9am lecture you really just want to sleep without being disturbed. They say the work will take around 4 weeks to do, but there’s really no clarity on when exactly it’ll finish.”


Success for DMU volunteers as more than 200 students register to vote on deadline day

By Thomas Carter

Volunteer ambassadors at De Montfort University in Leicester spent today (Tue,NOV26) helping fellow students register to vote in preparation for the General Election on December 12.

With the deadline to register at 11:59pm this evening, students set up a stand at the entrance to the Students’ Union on campus this morning.

A group of volunteers have been at the stall assisting their peers in signing up, with more than 200 new sign-ups today alone.

Student volunteer Mark Harris, a Politics and International Relations student at DMU, was “shocked” at the number of people who were yet to register.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of students who were not on the electoral roll, especially with the importance elections hold for young people.

“Our records show that over 200 people have signed up to vote today, which is a remarkable statistic.

“Still, it is great to see so many people getting involved in politics, and showing an interest in their futures.

“I encourage anyone who hasn’t already, to register, as every vote matters and can make a real difference to the state of our country.”

The Students’ Union for De Montfort University has a wide variety of clubs, with five societies being associated with political debate, showing the diversity and opportunity for students to get involved in politics.

Today’s events are yet another great example of ways to volunteer at DMU, with the ‘Give it a Go!’ campaigns (student-run volunteering events) also launching this week.

The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday, November 26th, at 11:59pm.

If you are yet to sign up or have a question regarding voting, you can go to