Where To Vegan? New Market Square’s where

By Jacob Moseley

Leicester’s New Market Square is being rejuvenated by an all new 100 per cent vegan food event, open once a month, showcasing some of the best vegan dishes in the UK.

Founded by Hiren Chohan, 27, the company joined forces with Leicester Market in the hope of bringing a more positive view on veganism and a chance for the public to try all kinds of vegan food from all over the UK.

With leading companies such as Just Eat stating veganism will be the “biggest food trend of the coming year” after recent research, Where To Vegan shouldn’t be too worried about the consumer demand. However Hiren stated there is not as much supply in Leicester as there could be.


Hiran Chohan – Founder of Where To Vegan

Nevertheless, Hiren agreed with the research, stating “when you see large chains such as Pizza Express, Pret A Manger, Papa Johns, etc introducing vegan menus, it is obvious to see the growth of vegan food.”

Veganism is obviously expanding due to its health benefits, with people experimenting with natural foods like never before, and the long-term effects can be life changing.

Hiran agreed with the health benefits, adding: ” Veganism is linked to a lower risk of Heart Disease, lower Blood Sugar Levels and improves Kidney Function, protects against certain Cancers and can reduce pain from Arthritis.”

As Leicester is Hiran’s home city he was keen not just to engage the public with this new variety of food, but to bring the community together in a social way.

“It is incredible to be a part of such a great community event,” he said, whilst looking forward, Hiran wants to expand his business further to Nottingham and Coventry.

Some of the amazing food at the event include vegan burgers and kebabs to brownies, cakes and pies with the next event being on Saturday, November 9. You can find a full list of traders at the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/411281386187096/.

Where `To Vegan

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