From Falcons to Lions: DMU’s American Football team soars into new division

By James Cannell

With the start of a new season comes a fresh start for the DMU Falcons American Football team as they evolve into the new DMU Lions.

After the team’s great success last year by becoming Division Two champions, the new DMU Lions are looking to the future and what it holds for the team.

Matthew Addis, an Accounting and Finance student at DMU, plays Cornerback defence against the offence’s wide receivers.

He said: “Last season went really well, we went 5-1 in wins, got promoted, made the semi finals in play-offs. It was the best performing season in the history of the team.”

With the promotion to the first division, the Lions’ task will be a lot harder, with better teams and much higher expectations.

For now, the team are hard at work in preparation for the fresh start. Addis said: “We are preparing with pre-season training and recruiting first years to bulk out the number and create competition for first year players.”

With the injection of fresh blood from freshers the team seem hopeful for the new season. Addis said: “There is definitely some competition for positions, there are some scholarship first years and same with American High School experience.”

With the success of last year, American Football has been on the rise, with the society being at the forefront of the recent freshers fair and attracting a wealth of attention with their presentation and throw tester.

Whether the freshers will change the team is still up in the air, but final year members are guaranteed a place in the spotlight. As for tactics, Addis added: “We have the same tactics with updated playbooks each week to match the teams we are going to be playing.”

It seems there will be no stopping the Lions as they head straight into their first pre-season friendly this coming Monday(OCT14) against Derby.

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