Bruxelles prepares for ‘Slave the Rhythm’ with musical sensation Katie Goodman

By James Cannell


DJ Katie Goodman’s European tour stops in Leicester tomorrow night.

Katie will perform  in Bruxelles’  Slave the Rhythm event

The High Street venue is putting the the final touches to its preparations.

The event is presented by Superfly as part of their ‘Slave the Rhythm’ tour.

The event will also have Dirty Secretz, Chambo and MRP (S.P.A.W).


Bruxelles Bar – lying silent and dormant ahead busy weekend


Bruxelles staff member Will Cooper said: “Katie is a well-respected festival player.

“She is only 24 but is heading to be world renowned.”

Katie played at the venue in January as part of the Defected Records event along with other DJs such as Alexo, Dr Si, Chambo and many others.

The musician is known for her soundtracks that are nu- disco and soulful house.

Will said: “I expect the venue to be at max capacity again like last time.

“Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if bouncers will have to turn down people at the door.”

The party will be in the bar’s beer garden.

Will added: “I have seen her play on recordings at defected Records.”

The event is free to enter and starts at 9pm

Katie is set to appear on stage at around midnight.


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