Body positivity fashion show to be hosted by De Montfort University student

By Emily Barker

A body positivity fashion show organised by De Montfort University (DMU) student Jessica Shire will be held at St Peter’s by the Waterfront in Ipswich, Suffolk, on Wednesday, April 24.

Miss Shire, 22, is a Cyber Security and Telecommunications student at DMU, and decided to start the event through her Girlguiding Action for Change Project.

Miss Shire said: “I have always looked different to other people, and I believe all people, regardless of what they look like, should be represented in the mainstream media.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 12.12.35

Jessica Shire, the organiser of the fashion show event (Copyright: Jessica Shire)

“I get sent to DMU through my company and I recently got selected to attend the ‘Action for Change’ weekend with Girlguiding Anglia.

“As part of this, we have to create our own nine-month social action project in our local area.

“I decided that I would go about putting on a fashion show with real people from all types of backgrounds to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

The aim of the event is to promote body confidence and to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Jessica has also created a Facebook page and an Instagram page, where the event has been shared, as well as across the Girlguiding network and local radio stations.

These pages talk about the issue of body confidence and follows real people on their own body confidence journeys.

Miss Shire continued: “I believe as it is us, the consumer, who are buying the clothes, it is us who should be seen on a catwalk.

“It shouldn’t be limited to a certain body type who don’t look like most of the general population we see today.

“In an age of social media, with constant filters and editing tools like Photoshop, we can often feel like we need to change in order to fit into society’s narrow perception of beauty and this often has a negative impact on our self-esteem.

“I would like to challenge this perception and show that no matter who you are or what you look like, you should still be represented.

“I’ve never done something like this before, but know I have a lot of support from the people around me, as well as from friends and family.

“I’m excited to be able to create a change on a topic that I’m passionate about.”

Tickets are completely free and can be purchased on

VIDEO: St Patrick’s Day Parade will fill Leicester with colour

By Rosie Vacciana-Browne

A St Patrick’s Day parade filled with music, dance and flags will be held in Leicester this Sunday.

The Emerald Centre has organised the parade that will start at Holy Cross Church in New Walk at midday.

It will then move through the city centre, before finishing at Jubilee Square.

Between 500 and 600 people are expected to participate in the celebrations, and they will be just a fraction of the those that will celebrating worldwide.

Community Manager of the Emerald Centre, Tony Cusack, explained the origins of the day and why it is celebrated so widely across nations.

He said: “St Patrick was a bishop in Ireland dating back to the 4th century.

“He was taken over as a slave, but he managed to escape and went to France where he learned about religion for 20 years.

“He then came back and brought Christianity with him.

“He brought Christianity to Ireland, and that’s his story.”

St Patrick went on to build churches that are still pilgrimaged to today and used the Shamrock (the Irish three-leaf clover) to preach the story of God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. 

Now the Patron Saint of Ireland, there are many tales that surround St Patrick, one of these being that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland.

Mr Cusack explained: “It is a bit of folklore.

“However, there are grass snakes in England, but there are no snakes in Ireland.”

The Emerald Centre’s parade is one of many across the globe, with Irish and non-Irish communities celebrating the event.

Speaking on the enormity of St Patrick’s Day, Mr Cusack said: “It’s a celebration of Irish culture and keeps it alive, it’s all about music dance and friendship.

“People like to celebrate these things.”

The parade in Leicester will be free and an after party will be held at The Nott’s Club from 1.30pm-5pm.

Tickets will be £5 and can be purchased at the parade.


Mowgli chain coming to Leicester this summer

By Jacob Moseley

A fresh take on Indian cuisine is set to take Leicester by storm this summer as the Mowgli Street Food chain expands into the city and into Sheffield and Cardiff.

Founder of the company and former child protection barrister, Nisha Katona, opened the first Mowgli restaurant in Bold Street in Liverpool back in 2014 – before going on to open seven more restaurants nationwide.

Nisha said: “I’m evangelical about ancestral offerings and wanted to lift the veil on what Indians would conjure up in the depths of their family kitchen.”


Mowgli Street Food aims to offer fast food but using quality traditional recipes and has a selection of 20 dishes, each with bright and intense flavours; and with only eight of these being meat dishes, it’s the perfect option for a vegan or vegetarian.

Nisha said: “As an Indian, Leicester was the bright lights, big city in terms of Indian food. It was the place to which we travelled on family days out to buy spices and Indian vegetables, we go where people want us, and Leicester has so many fond memories for me.”

Among the best sellers on the Mowgli menu are Yoghurt Chat Bombs which Nisha said “are a must”, chip butties and the traditional Indian cuisine of Bunny Chow.

“We’re excited to open in Leicester,” she said. “It’s great to have diversity and what we offer is a far cry from what is peddled in traditional curry houses.”

On its website, Mowgli said its business “is about the smash and grab zing of healthy, light, virtuosic herbs and spices.”

National Space Centre celebrates ten years of hosting weekend-long LEGO event

By Perry Johnson

The National Space Centre is calling for all LEGO© fans this weekend, as the UK’s largest planetarium hosts its fun-packed ‘Brickish Weekend’ for the tenth consecutive year.


Leicester’s National Space Centre: The largest planetarium in the UK

This weekend the centre will be filled with rare LEGO kits, planes, trains and automobiles; featured alongside some of the largest lego brick displays ever created in the UK.

The event is organised by the Brickish Association, a community of British LEGO fans who work with the iconic toy brand to build giant, impressive structures – such as the ones on display this weekend.

Malika Andress, Head of Marketing at the National Space Centre, said: “Come and get creative at the National Space Centre and show off your LEGO building skills.

“Whether you’re a novice or a master builder, you’re welcome. At Brickish Weekend everything is awesome.”

The weekend-long event offers fun for the whole family – with the chance for visitors of all ages to lend a hand in creating a giant mosaic out of the multi-coloured bricks.

Those hoping to still witness the wonders of space will not be disappointed either, as the event will see the return of the centre’s out-of-this-world LEGO gallery filled with large scale spacecraft builds.

Tickets for the event are £15 per person, with under-5s being able to enter the event for free and children’s and concessions tickets being priced at the lower sum of £12.

The event is not premium however, and annual passes are valid for entry in place of a ticket.

To purchase tickets or to upgrade to a free annual pass visit

Leicester players called up for Euro 2020

By Emily Barker

Two Leicester City players have been chosen to represent England in UEFA’s European Championship Qualifying this year.

Defenders Harry Maguire and Ben Chilwell have been chosen by Gareth Southgate and his team to represent the nation at this year’s qualifying matches for the 2020 tournament against Czech Republic and Montenegro this month.

The match against the Czech Republic will be played at Wembley on Friday, March 22, before travelling to Podgorica three days later for their match against Montenegro.

Other players include Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, and Everton’s Jordan Pickford.

See the full team below:

England line up.png