VIDEO: Lithuanian student avoids conscription from country’s military

By Beth Surridge

A Lithuanian student in Leicester has received an unexpected letter demanding that he go back to Lithuania to do his military service.

Gvidas Lipinas is studying at De Montfort University (DMU) but was shocked by the surprising request asking him to go back to Lithuania to fight for his country.

Gvidas said: “I was completely unaware of this situation; my mother rang me one day and told me that I had been selected. I didn’t know what to do.”


Conscription in Lithuania originally ended in 2008, but was then reintroduced in 2015 due to the danger posed by Russia. This meant that men aged 19 to 26 are automatically on the conscription list.

Although Gvidas has lived in the United Kingdom all of his life, he is still classed as a Lithuanian citizen which has led to him being put on the conscription list as he has come of age.

Gvidas added: “Even though I’m literally a ghost in Lithuania as I left when I was so young, I was still put on the list when I reached the age of 19. My brother will also have the same problem.”

However, due to the fact that Gvidas is studying at DMU, it has meant that he does not have to go and take part in the nine-month military service.


Gvidas Lipinas, a De Montfort University student, has been conscripted by the Lithuanian military.

The university has stepped in to help him, and has sent a letter back to prove that he is a student at DMU.

Gvidas said: “When I received the news, I went to Gateway House, they were more than helpful and sent a letter which proved I was a DMU student. The letter has postponed my service.”

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