Students left with no water after burst pipe hits accommodation block

By Ayo Aderoba

Students at their flats in Leicester were left with no water for about six hours after a pipe had burst.

Students were alerted at 7.34am on Tuesday, February 12, to the fact that there would be no water supply in their Filbert Village accommodation in Lineker Road.

Ashley Nabiryo, 19, who lives in one of the flats there, was getting ready for her studies at De Montfort University when she received a text from the management, saying there would be no water due to a burst pipe.

Ashley said: “I heard loud noises coming from the taps the night before the water got cut off.

“I had even seen a video online of water all over someone’s room. The water being completely cut off isn’t a shock, it’s just an inconvenience.”


Landlords Unite Students explained the water supply was off while maintenance checks were carried out but a few hours later confirmed it was running again, with everything working fine.

The disruption followed a power cut earlier in the week, after which residents reported the water had become a brown colour, and the flow appeared to have been affected as well.

Ashley said: “The power got cut before, ever since then the taps have been running really slow and the water has been a funny colour.”

Residents at Filbert Village said they are just glad that they have their water supply back.

Unite Students offered free pizza in the common room of Filbert Village, as an apology and consolation for the lack of water for a few hours.

Ashley added: “After speaking to reception, I know it must’ve been hard to keep up with all these students asking questions. I saw all the people they brought in to fix the problem, they really tried their hardest.”