DMU students give their view on National Proofreading Day

By Adam Rear

Thousands of students across the UK have to proofread their work every single day, but just how important is it?


Friday, March 8, marks National Proofreading Day which celebrates and promotes the importance of error-free writing.

Typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are all common features in much of our writing; this day highlights how significant it can be to slow down and thoroughly check your work.

DMU students gave their view on how they proofread their work before submitting it.

Kyra Balderstone, 19, a first year DMU student, said: “Proofreading is really useful because it helps you spot all the spelling mistakes and typos that you make.

“I send my work to my mum to proofread. It can be reassuring to get an outside perspective.”

Lily Seconde, 19, also a first year DMU student, said: “I find proofreading very helpful as it allows me to filter through my work to prevent small and silly mistakes ruining my final piece.”

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