Bringing black British culture to light

By Barbara Uzoigwe

Serendipity is an organisation that was launched by Pawlet Brookes with the aim of changing the UK artistic and cultural landscape.

Pawlet Brookes, CEO of Serendipity

It brings the world of Black British culture into the limelight, showing that there is more to Black history than just African American history.

Pawlet Brookes, CEO of Serendipity, said: “Setting up Serendipity is for young Black British youth; so they can see homegrown products, the complexity and richness of communities that they can identify with.”

The organisation works on behalf of Leicester City Council to co-ordinate Black History Month, occurring every October. 

It brings artists and activists from African and African Caribbean backgrounds, who display films, theatrical acts, dances, lectures and exhibitions.

Ms Brookes continued: “We need to share and show our stories; if you go anywhere, there’s always talk about being African American, but there is also the Black British experience that needs to be talked about.”

There is also a goal within the organisation to share the stories of black women, whose stories are the most hidden in any country.

After hosting a screening of the movie ‘For Colored Women’, Ms Brookes explained: “We want to raise awareness about black women and their survival and their fight.”

There is also a yearly conference hosted with the Let’s Dance International Frontiers (LDIF) that is running from Monday, 29 April to Friday, May 11, 2019. 

It brings diversity to the foreground of dance and showcases new dance work from various artists, who are either emerging or already established, bringing awareness to diversity and giving a cultural experience to all.

To learn more about the work and projects visit or visit their Facebook page here.

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