Students prepare for “Twisted Tales” masterpiece

By Beth Surridge

Third year Arts and Festival Management students are avidly preparing for their final year project “Twisted Tales,” taking place next month.

Twisted Tales is a live immersive theatrical performance of the Grimm brothers’ fairytales, which were originally written with a dark and twisted ending before Walt Disney decided to make them child friendly.

Tim Katsarelis, the chairman of this production, said: “Every single person who walks in will have a different experience to the next person.

“It’s going to be a bit weird, a bit wacky, bit wonderful, but it should be thought-provoking and give you an experience you have never had before in your life.”

The production is bringing more than just arts and festival management students together, with Demon Theatre, architecture students, game design students, website designers and more.

Tim added: “It’s a collaboration of creativity. It’s going to be really revolutionary for Leicester as it is the first of its kind in this county.”

As well as the actual event taking place on Monday, March 4, the students have created a “Twisted Tales Trail,” giving people the opportunity to try different potions in certain bars around Leicester.

If you try three of the seven potions from the different bars, you will get the opportunity to win free tickets to the event.

Tim said: “I’m most excited to see all of this hard work and creativity come together, we’ve been putting this together for almost half a year now; it’s going to be amazing.”

The event will take place at Anonymous nightclub in Leicester.

For more information about the event, head to their Facebook page:

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