VIDEO: Belvoir bar open for business

By Bethany Surridge and Alexandra Smith

Belvoir Street’s late night bar “Fat Cat” reopened last Saturday after a month of renovations.

Fat Cat, previously known as “The Fat Cat Café Bar” is located in Belvoir Street, Leicester, and has recently undergone a £300,000 renovation.

Fat Cat was once known for being a late-night venue, when it was open from 4pm until late, but now, the new bar will be open from 12pm and will be more of a stylish cocktail bar which will also have a food menu.

Financial manager of Fat Cat, Ola, said: “It needed to be renovated because the venue just really needed it, we’ve added new cocktails to the menu as well, it’s really different.”

Around 100 more seats have been added with tables, offering those who would like to eat a place to sit down in a comfy booth.

Last Tuesday (12th February) saw Fat Cat launch its very own student night, with students having the opportunity to be put on the guest list to gain free entry and also being able to have a private booth.

INSIDE LOOK: Inside Fat Cat Bar on Belvoir Street. (Photo: Alexandra Smith)

With the first student night being such a success, they have decided to launch another one this Tuesday (19th February.)

Ola added: “We have Fat Cat Thursdays as well, another student night to encourage more students to try the venue.”

For more information and to keep up to date with events on at Fat Cat, go to their Facebook page

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