Leicester Comedy Fringe Festival going strong in Braunstone Gate

By Emily Barker

A spin-off of the Leicester Comedy Festival which is being organised by a community group in Braunstone Gate is going well, according to Project Co-Ordinator Daryl Coulborn.

Described by him as a fringe festival, the events being hosted are going very well, with the Black Horse accommodating 58 people on Wednesday (13 February).


Daryl Coulborn, Project Co-Ordinator of the Braunstone Gate Community Group

Mr Coulborn, 31, Project Co-Ordinator of the Braunstone Gate Community Group, said: “Two years ago, we held ‘The Westival’ in which the road was closed off and we had fairground rides and stalls, and it was really successful.

“This year, we are hosting seven comedy events, as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival.

“We had 14 people turn up to our event at Café Ninety Six Degrees on Thursday night (14 February) with Peter Hose.


Cafe Ninety Six Degrees, where the event with Nathan Roberts will be held

“On Saturday night (16 February) we have had 20 people reserve their seats for a night with Nathan Roberts. This venue holds 40 people, so there are more people welcome.

“We went to the venues we were interested in down Braunstone Gate and organised events if they wanted to host, and the costs were covered with a project.

“Other venues have already expressed an interest in hosting events next year, so we are hoping to be bigger than this year.”

The evening with Nathan Roberts is from 6-7pm.

Ed Tiernan, 32, and owner of Café Ninety Six Degrees, said: “We have hosted evening events before, such as live music ranging from bands to solo singers, poetry readings and we even did cabaret, which is all promoted through our Facebook page and Instagram, but nothing for Leicester Comedy Festival.

“We are an independent venue, and we only found out we were hosting the event a couple of months ago when the Braunstone Gate Community Group approached us asking if we wanted to be a hosting venue.

“It feels great that we were approached and asked to host this event, it feels good to be invited and that we’re a good enough venue.”

The event is free, and patrons can leave a donation at each event if they wish.

‘King of the Jungle’ to visit Leicester

By Perry Johnson

Tickets are on sale in preparation for when ex-football manager and winner of the most recent run of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Harry Redknapp comes to town.


Harry Redknapp – (Photograph by James Boyes)

An audience with the star will be held on 15 September from 7:30pm onwards in the fitting De Montfort Hall on Granville Road.

Photo 3

Harry Redknapp will hold an audience in De Montfort Hall

The event, which will see Redknapp share tales from both the jungle and his management days, will also feature an audience Q&A.

Standard tickets for the event are priced at £31.50 whilst special VIP tickets cost a weightier £81.50.

To buy tickets for the event visit: http://www.demontforthall.co.uk/events/events.php/2019/2102/an-audience-with-harry-redknapp.

University of Leicester scientists trial groundbreaking new asthma pill

By Bethany Spence

A new asthma drug that is currently in advanced clinical trials, led by scientists at the University of Leicester, may provide a new treatment method after showing promising results.

Being the first new asthma pill to arrive in 20 years, results seem promising although further testing is required before public release.

In the Phase 2 testing both in Leicester and Vancouver, Canada, the new drug Fevipiprant has been shown to reduce the amount of smooth muscle in a patient’s airway linings.

Any increases in this kind of muscle creates a higher chance of irritation, leading to more frequent asthma attacks and in increasingly severe cases, even asthma related deaths.

According to Asthma UK, approximately 5.4 million UK residents are currently being treated for asthma which is about 1 in every 11 people, or 1 in 5 households.

The University of Leicester has been helping to lead the charge for more variety in asthma medications for the last 50 years, creating the third most influential research into  potential treatments in the world.


University of Leicester Attenborough Building

Professor Chris Brightling, NIHR BRC Senior Investigator at the University of Leicester and respiratory consultant at Leicester’s Hospitals, said: “Leicester is world-leading in asthma research.

“I think the success of lung research in Leicester is largely due to the fantastic participation of our patients in research together with the close working between the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and the University of Leicester.”

Dr Pranab Haldar, clinical senior lecturer at the University, added: “I would say that Leicester’s work has led the way to realising the possibility of personalised treatment for patients with asthma.”


Children in Leicester skip school to take part in UK wide #ClimateStrike


One of the placards carried by a student protesting. Photo: Rosie Vacciana-Browne

By Rosie Vacciana-Browne

A large group of children in Leicester skipped school today, as well as many others across the country, in order to protest as part of ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’s’ #ClimateStrike.

‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’, the group that started the campaign, urged young people via their Facebook page to “join (the protests), or start one.”

Strikes are taking place today all across the country, in what the group are claiming will be the first UK wide Youth Strike 4 Climate.

Posting a Facebook live stream from one of their protest in Parliament square, Youth Strike 4 Climate captioned a post: “The sun is shining, the planet is heating, but the youth are rising up!”



Audio Vox Pop: Should you give money to the homeless?

By Barbara Uzoigwe and Rosie Vacciana-Browne


News that a dog is being rented to beggars and homeless people has led to the co-founder of Help for Homeless Leicester and UK to stating that the public should avoid giving money to beggars.

This has left the public divided as to whether they should give money to beggars and homeless people.

Sofia, Nurse

Keith, Football Coach