Leicester Comedy Festival review: Dave Gorman at De Montfort Hall

Dave Gorman: With Great PowerPoint Comes Great ResponsibilityPoint

Review by Emma Towers


A modern take on a comic book phrase? Dave Gorman says not. The world may wish for honesty in uncertain times, and Gorman knows how to tackle honesty and dishonesty, with the examination of the human condition: to lie.

Gorman made a brief feature in the first act, addressing the proper introduction formula with his PowerPoint, before introducing his support, Nick Doody.

Whilst Gorman created a sense of understanding his craft, Doody struggled to connect with a large audience. His political jibes fell on defeated ears, once he said May was a dead woman – though he meant ‘creature’. The audience settled down when he settled for poking fun at his own age and gave him the applause he was now worthy of.

The second act, Gorman’s return, was treated warmly. He returned to the falsity of modern life, now centring on the news. If he were to do another job, he desired ‘The Chase correspondent for The Daily Express’. He notes that embedded in these articles are proof of their misuse of language to gain traction.

The ‘Found Poem’ about news articles about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, the line ‘The H in Meghan is silent, like the H in shoe’ about killed the audience, along with Gorman, gaining two giant roars of laughter and applause.

Gorman rounded off the evening by expressing his concern for the ‘factory-farming bullshit’ again, and asked the audience to consider keeping things sacred, such as comedy, by not sharing it.

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