Has Brexit become a subject for comedy? Leicester Comedy Festival bands together to find out

By James Cannell

Leicester Comedy Festival will be tackling the ongoing issue of Brexit this Sunday when both comedians and people of political interest unite for some improvised discussion.

The free to attend event, entitled “Is Brexit a laughing matter?”, will be held from midday until 1.30pm in the Violin Room at Peter Pizzeria.

The panel is being presented by the Big Difference Company and is set to include De Montfort University’s very own Associated Professor in Politics – Alistair Jones.

Mr Jones said: “The matter is being taken very seriously, but this does not mean that the subject should be exempt from comedy. The alternative to laughing at such a situation is to cry at it.”

The discussion panel will be held days after Prime Minister Theresa May assured the public that the Ireland border backstop will remain in the deal she hopes to get the European Union to accept.

According to Mr Jones, the panel is needed as many ‘Brexiteers’ are angry with the way Brexit is turning out.

He said: “The consequences of the actions of both parliament and the government has led to Brexit being something of a toxic subject.

“The actions and inactions of politicians and members of the public have been bizarre.”

The panel is assured to be completely improvised and interactive with the audience, with Mr Jones saying: “A politician, a poet, a comedian and a lecturer discussing Brexit with a journalist.  Nothing is planned.”

The event will tackle the issue, with the effects of Brexit having turned the UK into somewhat of a political laughing stock with the effects most likely going to be felt for generations.

For more information or to book tickets to the event, visit https://comedy-festival.co.uk/event/is-brexit-a-laughing-matter/.

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