A student guide to Leicester: nightlife antics and drinks deals

For students in Leicester, there are plenty of nightlife opportunities across the city, writes Megan Cawley.

The new election process: What you need to know

After accusations of cheating at last year’s De Montfort University Students’ Union elections, a fresh set of elections are to be held and a new system introduced for newly-elected officer roles.

Leicester Comedy Fringe Festival going strong in Braunstone Gate

A spin-off of the Leicester Comedy Festival which is being organised by a community group in Brausntone Gate is going well, according to Project Co-Ordinator Daryl Coulborn.

‘King of the Jungle’ to visit Leicester

Tickets are on sale in preparation for when ex-football manager and winner of the most recent run of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Harry Redknapp comes to town.

University of Leicester scientists trial groundbreaking new asthma pill

A new drug currently in advanced clinical trials led by scientists at the University of Leicester may provide sufferers of asthma with a new treatment method after showing good results.