Meet Leicester’s new up-and-coming comedy group

By Tristan Bryant


Pictured: Joseph Johnson (left), Luke Sterland, and Tarun Chelley (right)

A mostly-local, progressive and diverse group of comedians are raising money for five charities.

Comedy Village is a group of 12 comedians, all equal to one another, who organise their own events and donate the money they make to five charities.

They performed last night (FRI JAN25) at Blue’s Bar and Grill in Raw Dykes Road, Leicester, and were raising money for St Andrew’s Play Association and New Park’s Play Association.

Joseph Johnson, Luke Sterland and Tarun Chelley gave us their thoughts on the cause.

Joseph, “I am one of the comedians, the villagers as we like to call each other.

“We all meet up as friends, we tell our jokes… we grow together as comedians and support each other – and we all have sex.


“It’s more of a PR builder than for profit… a word-spreader if you will.

“I’m feeling good about the whole thing, I enjoy the atmosphere… I have fun.”

Luke Sterling is looking to see how far the group can take it. He said: “I would love to give up my day job for it, I really would.”

“Comedy is a difficult circuit to try and break into… unless you’re gonna do something new.”

He believes that’s what Comedy Village is, adding: “We’ve all got different styles, focusing on issues close to the bone.”

Tarun Chelley chimed in: “I’ve done plays… I’ve written novels, I’m trying to move away… to a solo act.

“Its freer… it’s your own material and you find out quickly if it doesn’t work.

“Comedy is harsh but harsh in a good way. Be as silly as possible, that’s how we are.”

Comedy Village will be back at Blue’s Bar on February 22, tickets cost £20.


  1. Really enjoyed the night, very well organised. I would definitely recommend a night watching this lot if you need a quick pick me up! 😁

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