DMU celebrates the class of 2019 with graduation ceremonies

By James Wynn

Hard work and dedicated studies have paid off for students who graduated this week at fanfare-filled ceremonies held at The Venue@DMU building. 

The car park outside The Venue@DMU and the New Wharf accommodation block was turned into a huge marquee for the new graduates and their families, with work beginning on this conversion on Monday and lasting for a week.


The graduation marquee where the graduates celebrated with their families

The ceremony included a performance from the DMU Gospel Choir, who famously became semi finalists in ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent in 2018.

Those not attending the ceremony could still keep across the day with various updates from DMU’s twitter account (@dmuleicester); the event was also live-streamed on Facebook and uploaded to  YouTube.

Amidst the celebrations, anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller also received an honorary degree from the university.

In 2016, Ms Miller, 53, challenged the government’s right to invoke the withdrawal process from the EU without a Parliamentary vote.

Upon receiving her degree, Ms Miller addressed the students: “As much as people will tell you – and the tide is rising – that we are different and we are divided, we are not.

“We are unique but we are the same. We are kind, we have hearts and minds that care for each other.

“Do not let the few tell us, the many, that we do not matter; that they will tell us who we should be.

 “I for one will not let words be used as weapons against me. I will use my heart and my mind to fight those who try to poison the world we live in.”

The final ceremony took place on Thursday.