Former Leicester boss Ranieri pays homage to missing footballer Emiliano Sala

By Luke Smith


Former Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri says Emiliano Sala is a “wonderful character” and a “fighter”.

The Cardiff City record signing was on the light aircraft that went missing over the Channel Islands on Monday. He was travelling from Nantes to Cardiff to begin training with his new club, having joined on Saturday.

The search for Sala and aircraft pilot David Ibbotson has now been called off, with Guernsey police tweeting that rescuers were “no longer actively searching” for the plane.

Harbourmaster Captain David Barker, who made the statement, said the chances of survival “are extremely remote”.

Ranieri, now Fulham manager, worked with Sala at FC Nantes throughout the 2017/18 season, with the Argentine ending the campaign as the club’s top scorer.

In a statement on the Fulham FC official website, Ranieri said: “Like everyone else, I was devastated to hear the news that Emiliano was on board the aircraft. Emiliano is a wonderful character. Knowing him as a person, he’s a fighter.

“He’s a fantastic footballer who always gave his best when we worked together in France. The world of football will be united in wishing and hoping for some positive news. In the meantime, I – along with the Nantes and Fulham families – pray for Emiliano and his family.”

Free Tai Chi session offered at DMU as part of Digital Detox week


By Oliver Taylor

A free Tai Chi session was offered to help students stay off their mobile phones at De Montfort University (DMU).

The session from 2-3 pm on Friday in the Hugh Aston atrium was part of DMU’s Digital Detox week, lasting from 9am two days earlier until 4pm on Monday (JAN21).

The event was aimed at raising awareness of the correlation between unrestrained social media use and mental health issues.

A statement from DMU’s Twitter feed prior to the start of the event explained: “Anecdotal evidence suggests that social media can increasingly present challenges to people’s mental health and occupy time that could be spent on other worthwhile pursuits and activities which enhance overall wellbeing.”

The event was specifically timed in the run-up to ‘Blue Monday’ (JAN21), which is commonly dubbed as the most depressing day of the year.

Cyberpsychology expert Doctor Lee Hadlington warned participating student and staff not to force themselves to remain offline throughout the entire event.

“If people do feel anxious and start to feel stressed and want to get back online, don’t force yourself to stay offline,” he said.

“Digital detox is the same as a detox diet, for some people they work and for some people they won’t.”

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art practiced for self defence and health benefits.

The session was led by Derek Frearson, an instructor with more than 50 years of experience.

Mr Frearson offers free Tai Chi sessions in Leicester’s New Market Square, which are suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. The schedule for this year’s classes have not been released yet.

Other digital detox activities offered by DMU during the week included mindfulness meditation, free gym classes, library events and many more.

The full schedule for DMU’s digital detox activities can be found here.