Leicester people air their views on the dangers of social media and young children

The people of Leicester were asked about the dangers of social media on children under 13.

De Montfort University students have their say on social media content rules

De Montfort University students were asked whether or not they thought sites such as YouTube should have stricter rules upon the content that can be uploaded to the platform.

Students have their say on age restrictions on social media usage

Students at De Montfort University in Leicester have today voiced their thoughts on underage children using social media.

De Montfort University gets colours out for pride

De Montfort University (DMU) and DMU’s Student Union (DSU) will be holding a Pride month in February to celebrate LGBTQ+ by holding a series of events throughout the month.

‘DMU 2018 Naked Calendar’ to raise money for charity

Societies from across De Montfort University have teamed up to pose for a 2018 naked calendar.