Video: In search of Leicester’s best Christmas sandwich

By Leusa Lloyd, Adam Dutton, Tristan Contreras-Bryant

It’s that time of year again where festive sandwiches hit the shelves. We’re on a mission to find the best Christmas sandwich in Leicester. We’ve left no stone unturned and no stocking unstuffed in finding the best ones most available to the public. 

To find out how to make the best sandwich, scroll down to watch Russ’s masterclass.


flafel wrap

Vegan Sweet Potato falafel and Boxing day Chutney – Chop Chop

Though not strictly a sandwich, it is the only Vegan option of our five. The vegan sweet potato falafel and boxing day chutney wrap attempts to be festive but falls short of bringing that Christmas flavour. Verdict: 2/5



Christmas Selection Pack – M&S

A miniature selection of sandwiches from M&S providing a variety of flavours. The selection included pork, chicken, salmon and stuffing. While all the sandwiches were suitably festive, some may require an extra element to improve the texture and taste. For example, the salmon and sour cream sandwich needed lettuce to provide an added crunch. Verdict: 3/5


festive turkey

Festive Turkey, Bacon & Stuffing – Chop Chop

A meaty sandwich that tries to emulate the taste of Christmas dinner. The sausage and turkey, being slightly salty, dominate the taste of the sandwich but it definitely isn’t dry or tasteless. It would be nice if I could taste more of the chutney and stuffing, but I definitely enjoyed this one. Verdict: 4/5


brie and cranberry

Brie & Cranberry – Tesco

This is a relatively simple sandwich of cranberry chutney spread on white bread (with oats) and a thin layer of brie cheese and spinach. Honestly, it’s pretty bland, neither the brie or cranberry chutney is particularly strong or flavourful, leaving a sandwich that tastes like Lunchables or other kids’ snacks of the sort. Verdict: 2/5



Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce with a chipolata – Holly’s

As the Holly’s festive sandwich is the only handmade one of our five, you’d expect a certain level of quality and you’d be right in thinking so. The turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce provide a suitably festive taste, however, the cranberry sauce is slightly overpowering for my taste. Verdict: 4/5

Our verdict is… well why don’t we let Russ show you how it’s made.

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