Leicester artist to paint 100 skull paintings in eight-day live art installation Memento Mori

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Tim Fowler wanted to challenge himself artistically and created the live art installation Memento Mori.

By Sophie Sandberg

A Leicester artist has started painting one hundred different types of skull paintings last week and aims to finish painting on Friday, November 30, as a part of a live art installation to inspire people to not take life for granted.

Tim Fowler, 33, challenged himself artistically by painting one hundred different types of skull painting over the course of eight days and invited the public to come along and watch his art come to life.

The Leicester-born artist got the inspiration for this live art installation named Memento Mori, Latin for remember the dead, from a German art curator he met in London.

Mr Fowler said: “I met a German curator when I attended an art fair in London and he bought a skull painting from me and explained the concept of Memento Mori and that really inspired me.

“Memento Mori means remember the dead and is all about not taking life for granted.

“For the past few years I have mainly painted portraits, but I’ve felt that the person in the portrait became a distraction.

“A skull for me is sort of a default portrait, it could be anyone but it’s still a portrait.”

Mr Fowler used to class himself as an architectural painter until he started drawing portraits. He then realised that was no longer just an architectural painter but a painter.

Throughout his eleven years as a professional painter, the 33-year-old has managed to make a name for himself by his bold use of colour and abstract elements.

The artist believes the Memento Mori project was a chance for him to challenge himself as an artist while sharing his art with the people of Leicester.

“Different colour combinations are what inspires me more than anything, which this art installation is really a testament of.

“I also wanted to give people the chance to watch an art project like this come to life and the different stages it goes through.”

The skull paintings will be showcased at an event Mr Fowler has organised at the LCB Depot in Leicester on Friday, November 30.

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